Legend has it that once every 100 years a superhero with the powers of lightning shows up to save mankind from the forces of evil. It is believed that if a person gets hit thrice by lightning and lives to survive another day, he shall be the chosen one. Perla (Aiai delas Alas) is a dressmaker who lives and works for her siblings, Percy (Justin Cuyugan) and Penny (Pauline Luna). After being hit by lightning thrice, Perla discovers that she has developed superpowers: she can generate heat and electricity with her hands, and lightning flashes come out of her hands. With these superpowers, she becomes famous as the superhero, VOLTA. Volta's main objective is to prevent Kelly (Jean Garcia), an ambitious engineer, from spreading evil in the country. On the other hand, Kelly has her alter ego. Celphora, wants to capture Volta to use her as a power source for her Telstra technology, which can endanger the lives of several human beings. Despite the adulation she receives, Volta's happiness is not complete. She still yearns for the acceptance of her brother, who treats her as a cursed woman. Only then will she realize her value as a superhero. Volta is a story about life’s drama, life’s humor, and life’s real meaning amidst extraordinary twists and turns in an ordinary life. In the end what matters most are family and the love that doesn’t fail to give a spark of hope to anyone; superhero or not.
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