Life is a long itinerary of questioning and discovery…. One semestral break, a group of youth decides to have a grand vacation in Caliraya, to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain; their refuge away from the distracting lights and sounds of city-life. Little do they know that this trip would bring them to the road of self-discovery; that would lead them to a journey toward the unraveling of their souls’ deepest secrets. Joboy, Celine, Ram, Louie, Ola, Nadine, Athan and Faye are long-time friends and schoolmates. Joboy acts as the leader of the group. He is a carefree creature with a mature understanding of life. Celine always waits for her soulmate to come along. She believes that her past relationships serve merely as stopovers until she finally meets her destiny. Ram is the overprotective and insecure boyfriend of Celine. Louie and Ola are lovers whose relationship is almost jeopardized by Louie’s preoccupation with his parents’ crumbling marriage. Athan and Faye are young sweethearts who learn early in life that trust is a staple ingredient of love. Nadine is confused about her own sexuality but eventually finds what really makes her happy. Theirs is a story which proves that no matter how long and circuitous the road of life may be, each will definitely find one’s way towards one’s own destiny.
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