Till There Was You
Albert gets on a bus and by fate sits next to a girl who instantly connects with his crying baby. Her touch puts the child at peace. And although Albert’s thoughts are hazy, he is awed by the lady’s gift and mystery… On the next stop, she leaves a picture behind. That is the last Albert or the baby sees of her. And the picture, the only memory they will have of her. After 6 years, Pippa still yearns for her mother and throws tantrums to get her father’s attention. But through the years, Zita calms her grandchild down by showing the stranger’s picture. Zita creates images and stories of an absentee yet heroic and adventurous mom. Her missions to Africa, East Timor, Israel and other distressed parts of the world, keep her away from home. “She is on adventures to save the world so that you may live in a beautiful and peaceful place!”, as the grandmother would dramatically explain. They are actually saving the child from the truth of being abandoned by her own mother. On the other hand, Joanna, a feisty but directionless singleton, quits another job. Until by some twist, she lands a job in a children's party. Pippa sees and recognizes Joanna as her mother. Albert and Zita persuade Joanna to act as Pippa’s mother and help them tell the truth in time. Joanna agrees to take the job for a hefty price to fund her plan of flying to New Zealand. At the onset, she treats the deal as pure business, thus setting limitations. However, she comes across the unexpected and extended tasks of being mother to Pippa. Aside from being a fake mother to, Joanna also needs to act as Albert’s wife. Joanna asks for more pay. Albert realizes that Joanna does not measure up to the gifted and mysterious lady he encountered on the bus. She threatens him by quitting, but turns back when the child captures her heart. Eventually, Joanna resigns on her job. Guilt-ridden Albert takes a sabbatical with Pippa. But something is undoubtedly amiss in their lives. As Joanna tries to start anew with a clear direction in her life, Albert and Pippa try to win her back, this time to be real wife and mother.
Till There Was You
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