The Mistress
JD (John Lloyd Cruz), is a young self-made architect, who lives his life away from the affluence and influence of his family. He has turned his back from the responsibilities of the family corporation, mostly out of resentment for his philandering father. With his good looks, natural charm, and suave ways, JD has never had difficulty getting a woman he likes. Until, he meets the angelic Sari (Bea Alonzo), who challenges and impresses him when she refuses to go out with him. JD is drawn even more to Sari and her quiet grace when he finds out that she works as an apprentice cutter in the tailoring shop he was commissioned to renovate. Unlike him, Sari lives for her family, working hard to provide for her sickly grandmother, struggling siblings, young nieces and nephews, and errant mother. JD pursues Sari, while she tries to fight back her growing fondness of him. As they fall in love with each other, JD learns that Sari isn't who she seems to be. Sari is the mistress of a wealthy and married older man to whom she owes a debt of gratitude. Sari intends to stay faithful to her commitment to this man, despite her unmistakable passion for JD. For someone used to getting what he wants, JD has fallen so deep for a woman he might possibly never have. Can love change JD and give him the strength to fight for Sari? Will Sari have the courage to walk away from her benefactor and take the life of freedom that JD is offering? Or will they both learn that some loves are just not meant to be?
The Mistress
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