The Healing
Seth (Vilma Santos), who works for an insurance company, witnesses a miracle when her stroked stricken father Odong (Robert Arevalo) is healed by Manang Elsa (Daria Ramirez), a faith healer. Her neighbors, who suffer from different kinds of diseases, ask her to bring them to Manang Elsa. Initially, she refuses to meddle in their affairs. However, in the end, she also brings them to the effective faith healer. When Cookie (Kim Chui), the daughter of her husband, begs her to be brought to Manang Elsa to cure her life-threatening illness; Seth agrees to help all of them. When she brings them to Manang Elsa, everyone, including Cookie, receive almost miraculous results. But mysterious events start happening to each of them and, one by one, those who were healed by Manang Elsa end up getting killed or committing suicide. Seth realizes that Cookie will befall the same fate. Feeling responsible for this turn of events, Seth desperately seeks ways to end the curse. Will she find a way to stop the curse before it’s too late?
The Healing
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