She's The One
Wacky (Dingdong Dantes) and Cat (Bea Alonzo) are childhood best friends. Cat is in love with Wacky, but the two had a fight, which made Cat decide to go home. On the way one of her car tires got flat, and it began to rain. David (Enrique Gil) saw her fixing her car, and took a video of it. David fell in love with her instantly, and he posted the video on the internet entitled "Girl in the Rain". The video became popular. David's best friend, Gillian (Liza Soberano) does not want him to meet the "Girl in the Rain". Wacky helps David look for the girl, not knowing that it is Cat. Elsewhere, Cat's mentally challenged sister watches the video and points out that it is Cat. At first, Wacky couldn't convince Cat to meet with David but eventually, Cat relented.
She's The One
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