Ooops…Teka Lang
Dario (Robin Padilla) is a disgruntled ex-cop who gets discharged from his job two years ago when he obeys the order of his superior, Superintendent Villa to take the syndicate master, Johnny Estrella (Tonton Gutierrez) to a safe-house instead on the police station. Superintendent Villa is under orders of Johnny. The crook escapes. Now Dario lives as an informal security man in a bar he frequented during his officer days. Marian (Claudine Barretto) is a young novice who is taking month long break from the convent. She finds out that her older sister Mabel (Bernadette Allyzon) has been taken by the people of Johnny and Sonny Estrella (Renzo Cruz)--powerful leaders of a syndicate operating illegal drug business and white slavery in Alupihan Island. Thus Dario and Marian's paths meet. Marian offers Darrio a great sum of money to help her reach the island where her sister is. Darrio gives up and makes a deal just to shut her up. Together with Dencio (Vhong Navarro), Dario's sidekick, they go on a road trip that will take them to another contact person, Ronnie (Raymond Bagatsing), who can help them get inside the guarded island. The road to Alupihan becomes an adventure which is altogether funny, dangerous and romantic. Love begins to develop between Dario and Marian. Marian, feeling guilty for having involved Dario in her own mess, decides to set off on her own to go the island and get her sister. Now Dario's task is no longer simply to capture Johnny and to clear his name. He must also protect and save Marian--who has unwittingly teaches him to forgive, revive faith, and love.
Ooops…Teka Lang
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