Now That I Have You
Can there be a single individual out there in the world, populated by a great variety of sorts and types meant to be the one, single individual destined to be a partner for each and every breathing human being? Or is the perfect lover merely a pigment of one’s imagination, an extension of uncontrolled romanticism that tends to lead to disappointment and disillusionment more than anything else? Betsy Rallos (Bea Alonzo) and Michael Morellos (John Lloyd Cruz) are only two of the thousands of commuters riding the MRT every day. They don’t know each other yet they both board from the Magallanes station and get down at the Kamuning station where their different offices are located. Betsy is a hopeless romantic, drowning herself in tales of everlasting love and fairy tales. Michael, on the other hand is an uptight young accountant and a non-believer of love and romance. Betsy waits for her Mr. Perfect, Michael, in Magallanes station, everyday. She creates the perfect image for this total stranger who she only sees when she rides the train. When they finally meet, Michael turns out to be the exact opposite of Betsy’s ideal man yet she still allows herself to fall in love with him. Michael, not used to the attention Betsy is giving him, misinterprets it as over possession. Just when their relationship is going through a tough time, Michael meets Joey (Neri Naig), the embodiment of his perfect woman. Michael and Betsy eventually drift apart but the time they spend apart only makes them realize how much they truly love each other and that the flaws which they cannot accept are the things they miss most about one another. In the end, Michael and Betsy see each other again and rekindle their feelings. They realize that the true essence of their love lies in accepting each other, even their imperfections.
Now That I Have You
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