Noon At Ngayon
Joey (Dina Bonnevie) comes home after nearly a decade of living in the States. With Joey back, the four friends find themselves complete again--they reminisce on the good old times, marvel at the changes in each other’s lives. Indeed, a lot of things may have changed through the years, but some things remain constant. The ever-effervescent Kathy (Jean Garcia) gives up on her girlhood dream of becoming a singer—something which her sparklingly vivacious teenage daughter, Bernadette (Aiza Marquez), seems to have inherited. Sylvia (Eula Valdez) brings up her son Bobby (Marvin Agustin) in ways that are more liberal, than most, ironically recoils at her grown son’s only flaw: his infertility. Maritess (Cherry Pie Picache), a widow, contends with the complexities of being a mother to independent, self-asserting young adults: Guia (Jodi Sta. Maria), who chooses to remain single despite her pregnancy; Bryan (Paolo Contis), who’s gay and proud of it; and Levi (Jericho Rosales), whose floater’s ways hint at a yearning for something beyond what his present life can offer. Joey’s stay in the States changes her a great deal; the untamed child of twenty years ago has matured into a woman who has come to embrace humanity and life. But pain and death may be realities that Joey has yet to learn to accept---because of her mother Maggie (Laurice Guillien), who is fighting a losing battle with cancer, and the main reason why she has come home. Bernadette persistently courts Bryan despite his openly gay orientation, only to have her heart broken by the futility of her feelings Guia staunchly refuses to get back together with the father of her child in her desire to assert her self-sufficiency, but later realizes that needing people is not necessarily a sign of weakness. Bobby and wife Miriam are torn between religion and science as they try to find a solution to their childlessness, while Levi finds love in the personification of Joey—the woman who loves the father he never got to know. As the four women try to reconcile past with present to cope with the changing times, the children come to terms with themselves, with the people they love, and with life on the whole.
Noon At Ngayon
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