Ngayong Nandito Ka
In the colorful and exciting world of the Baguio music scene, Garie (Kristine Hermosa) and Rocky (Jericho Rosales) share the perfect romance. Garie is a backup singer, while Rocky is a keyboardist--they are members of a band that is all set to go to Japan for a contractual gig. Happily in love and brimming with dreams of a future together, Garie and Rocky believe that nothing can come between them; not even the fact that Rocky comes from one of Baguio’s richest and oldest clans, while that Garie only has humble roots. They exchange promises that no matter what happens, they will not let anything get in the way of their love. As the band sets off for Japan, news of Rocky’s father suffering a heart attack forces Rocky to stay behind. Garie goes with the rest of the band, believing in Rocky’s promise that he will follow them to Japan as soon as he finishes settling family matters. But fate traps Rocky into a dilemma. He learns that his family’s business is on the verge of bankruptcy, and with their father ailing, Rocky is the only one who his family can rely on. Torn between family and love, Rocky sacrifices the latter—he decides to marry the daughter of a wealthy man who can help save their business. Garie, heartbroken, closes her doors on him for good. She drifts in Japan; directionless and broken, she finds redemption in the person of Tito, a successful Filipino entrepreneur who takes her under his wing. Rocky backs out from the altar at the last minute. He sets out to find Garie in Japan, but she has left the band and nobody knows where she is. Two years later, he meets her again--through Tito, who is now Garie’s fiance. Rocky’s family has barely recovered from their financial ruin and he is now managing a small furniture business. Particularly impressed by Rocky’s talent and work ethic, Tito has commissioned him to supply the wood-carved furniture for the new hotel he is putting up in Baguio. Garie is now an interior designer and is a far cry from the fun-loving band-girl that Rocky knew.
Ngayong Nandito Ka
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