How can these five teenage friends Lester Carmona (Patrick Garcia), Ram Barredo (Kristopher Peralta), G-Boy Velasco (John Lloyd Cruz), Homer Arandia (Marc Solis), and Hans Tolentino (Baron Geisler) overcome the pressures and challenges of growing up? Lester, who craves for the love and attention of his parents, keeps on doing his rebellious stints for him to feel less neglected and unwanted. Ram is having second thoughts on pursuing his relationship with his girlfriend Maya (Paula Peralejo) because of the latter's father who sets too many prohibitions. Meanwhile, their friend G-Boy forces himself to like Mae (Kaye Abad) in order to keep up with the trend and also to forget his older brother's girlfriend Sammy (Sherilyn Reyes), to whom he is really attracted to. Homer, on the other hand, has a female childhood friend Raqui (Nikki Valdez), who is secretly in love with him. Hans is also on the verge of getting rejected as Willie (Kristine Hermosa), the one he is courting, is doubtful of his real intentions. Despite their respective family and love issues, these young boys will overcome these obstacles while keeping their friendships intact.
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