My First Romance  (One Love; Two Hearts)
One Love All the people in the campus admire the bubbly, popular, rich, and campus sweetheart Jackie (Heart Evangelista). But Che (John Pratts) believes that she is just another spoiled brat girl. Che makes it a point not to make their paths cross around the campus; however when a compulsory school activity comes along, he has no other choice but to team up with Jackie. She tries everything she could to prove that she is not a shallow rich girl as what her partner thinks. Che begins to realize Jackie’s genuine goodness and they fall in love with each other. But will their love find a way against the barrier amidst their opposite worlds? Two Hearts Enzo (John Lloyd Cruz) gets a second chance to live after suffering from a heart failure when he receives a new heart. He swears to change from being an arrogant start soccer player into a good guy. His determination to change for the better is strengthen when he meets Bianca (Bea Alonzo), the girlfriend of his new heart’s original owner. Bianca on the other hand cannot get herself like Enzo because he is the exact opposite if her ex-boyfriend and he still cannot move on from his loss. Will only Bianca learn to change her heart until Enzo is gone?
My First Romance (One Love; Two Hearts)
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