Muling Ibalik ang Tamis ng Pag-ibig
Millet (Judy Ann Santos) hired Jay (Wowee De Guzman), who pretended to be a gay, as as her pseudo-husband in order to avoid a fixed marriage which she totally opposes to. Together, Millet and Jay presented themselves as a newly-wed couple in Millet’s family in Paete, Laguna. In the long run, Jay and Millet started to really fall for each other. However, Millet learns about Jay’s faked sexual orientation and his initial intention why he took the offer which is to earn money to finance his dreams of flying away from the Philippines all the way to Japan. This is a tale of true love between two ambitious persons, which started out from chains of lies and deception. In the end the main characters will be given the chance to express their ulterior motives. Will they be brave enough to take the opportunity and risk of getting hurt, or will they forever hide from their lies?
Muling Ibalik ang Tamis ng Pag-ibig
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