Magic Temple
An evil and powerful being Ravenal (Jackie Lou Blanco) destabilizes Samadhi’s stone of balance. The land transforms into a dark, bleak, old place. The stone of balance needs to be restored. Otherwise, Samadhi’s original warmth can never be retrieved and the land is forever doomed. The leaders of Samadhi seek the help of Sifu (Jun Urbano) who dwells in another part of the world. Sifu sends his three trainees. Each one has his own unique talent. Jubal (Jason Salcedo) has the power to levitate and to control things through the power of his mind. Sambag (Junell Hernando) has the power to communicate to plants and animals. Omar’s (Marc Solis) power, on the other hand, makes seeds out of fruits become lightning. He chews them and the moment he spits them out, an explosion occurs. Ravenal thinks that it will be impossible for mere kids to thwart her evil plans. Ravenal uses her power to hinder the three from ever reaching the land but her efforts fail. With the help of a mysterious Shaolin kid (Sydney Sacdalan), the three surpass the traps of Ravenal. Omar, Sambag and Jubal begin to clash with each other. Omar and Sambag part ways with the heavy-hearted Jubal. But the two soon find themselves captives by Ravenal’s men (Aljon Jimenez). Jubal, encounters Ravenal, and gets fatally injured. He escapes and survives waking up the following day with the Shaolin kid tending to his wounds. Jubal and the Shaolin kid charge the temple to rescue Sambag and Omar from the hands of Ravenal. A big battle ensues and in the end, good prevails over evil. The stone of balance is restored and Samadhi is once again renewed. As the Shaolin kid bows to the three, he changes into Sifu to the delight of the three boys. The whole Samadhi rejoices in gratitude to Sifu, Jubal, Omar, and Sambag for willingly risking their lives for humanity.
Magic Temple
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