Mariel (Sharon Cuneta) marries Edward (Christopher de Leon); an annulled man, who has three kids: Rachel (Claudine Barretto) 15, Michael (Patrick Garcia) 11, and Liza (Camille Prats) 5. Mariel knew from the start that it would not be easy and uncomplicated marriage. Aside from being a wife she also needs to become stepmother to her husband’s three children from his previous marriage. Rachel openly dislikes Mariel and makes it a point to make her feel it. Michael, on the other hand, is withdrawn and incommunicative. He shuts out any effort by Mariel to reach out to him. Liza, who hungers for motherly love, gives Mariel a chance. Edward is not much help to Mariel. Clearly he is still suffers from past wounds, particularly on his first wife walking out on him. He has never been good at articulating his feelings; least of all to the people he loves. A few years pass and things still don’t get easier for Mariel. She feels more and more alienated from her new family. This is underscored when Sandra (Zsa Zsa Padilla), Edward’s first wife and the children’s mother, comes back from the U. S. for a visit. Sandra’s sudden comeback evokes strong varying reactions from each of the children and Edward. Mariel feels like an intruder not welcome to play a part in this deep familial conflict. Mariel leaves them and returns home to her mother. Away from Edward and the children, Mariel realizes the meaning of her role in the lives of the people she has learned to love. It was a mistake to expect the children to accept her as their new mother. When Edward and the children come for her, Mariel feels ready at last to do what she’s always wanted all along, to come home.
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