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Love or Money

Caught between love or money, the practical and smart choice is money. But what if someone comes along and makes you want to choose love, instead?

DUBAI, 2020. In a place where buildings are high as the skies, where people go to make their dreams come true, LEON ANTONIO (Coco Martin) works as a waiter. Leon is simple guy with simple dreams, but he lives his life with honor and dignity. His only goal is to survive the city, earn enough money to save his family’s home in the Philippines, and then go back.

But one night, he meets a familiar woman - ANGEL DELA CERNA (Angelica Panganiban), his fiancé. 3 years ago back in Manila, the two have already met and spent one magical night together, ending it with a proposal. But the next day, Angel left Leon without any word.

And now 3 years later, their paths meet again. Angel is a different woman, she’s determined to make it in Dubai after experiencing hardships in Manila. She’s been in the city for more than 2 years, and is willing to do anything to reach her dreams and ambitions — even if it means using men to her advantage. Money makes the world go round, and unless she finds her prince charming, she won’t give her heart.

But as Angel helps Leon figure out his way into the city, Leon sweeps her off her feet again and makes her fall in love. But when life happens and they start to lose everything they’ve dreamed of and worked for, will their love be enough for them to survive?

Love or Money
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Angelica Panganiban
Angelica Panganiban
as Angel Dela Cerna
Coco Martin
Coco Martin
as Leon Antonio
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