Kung Ako Na Lang Sana
Emmy (Sharon Cuneta) and Vince (Aga Muchlach) are friends since college. Their earlier decisions and actions in life bring them who they are today. Emmy’s uptight, conservative, and domineering attitude make her a successful career woman. Vince, on his college days was a laid-back and woman magnet, is still struggling establishing with his career. As they go along with their lives, they have officially become best of friends. Unlike Emmy and Vince who are still single, their friends have now families and are now facing different issues in life especially on making their salaries be enough for their families, they are now experiencing the hardship of making the ends meet for their families. Emmy is the usual financial backup of her friends, while Vince is still dating several girls until he meets Elaine (Mickey Ferriols), who teaches him the importance of keeping a relationship. Elaine proves him that she is for keeps. However, as Vince and Elaine’s relationship gets deeper, Emmy discovers that she has long been in love with him. Emmy’s afraid to open up, she knows Vince’s too much even the worst of him but aside from that she is afraid to lose their friendship. How long will she keep her feelings?
Kung Ako Na Lang Sana
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