Kapag May Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo 1 The Movie
This depicts of true to life legal cases about the exploited right of two different women: Episode 1 A seventeen-year old girl (played by Sharmaine Arnaiz) works with her aunt’s family to pay for her parents’ debt. Her uncle (Ronaldo Valdez) starts giving her money. But the girl discovers his uncle’s ulterior motive when he sneaks in her room and forces her to mate with him. The girl tries to escape from her aunt’s house but her uncle stops her and pays her money for her silence. The girl earns enough courage to stop the sexual abuse through the help of her mother (played by Elizabeth Oropesa) who crusades to achieve justice for her daughter. Episode 2 A man (played by Ricky Davao) has been rejected for several times by a middle-class teacher (played by Chin Chin Gutierrez). The teacher marries another man (Joel Torre) but her suitor’s obsession over her still did not stop. The man continues to stalk her and one day when he gets the chance to corner her, he drugs and eventually rapes her. The teacher was reluctant to bring the case to the court of out shame but when she gets pregnant by her rapist, she becomes determined to seek for justice with the support of her husband.
Kapag May Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo 1 The Movie
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