Iukit Mo Sa Bala
Bobby (Bong Revilla), a doctor based in Manila, leaves his profession to go back in his hometown San Roque, when his father Mayor Roman Guerrero (Luis Gonzales) gets wounded on crossfire against the illegal loggers headed by one of the congressman’s sons Edmond Velez (Kevin Delgado), who gets killed on the said fire encounter. The clan of the Velez’s keeps on attempting to ambush and kill Mayor Guerrero. The situation gets a lot trickier when Bobby’s ex-girlfriend Noemi (Nanette Medved) becomes Rico Velez’ (Gabby Concepcion) wife. The rivalry becomes more personal. As the Guererro’s fight for the illegal logging of the trees they will also have to protect their lives against their political rival. Bobby will head the troop of his father to bring back the peace and order in their town while striving to subdue the evil tyrants destroying their forest for their personal gain.
Iukit Mo Sa Bala
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