It Takes A Man And A Woman
She loved him from afar, not caring that his ego is as big as the billboards. He used to be the monster boss: hungry for success and not caring about how he can get to the top. They live in their own worlds until they find the” Very Special Love” that “Changed Their Lives forever.” Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) used to be everybody’s sweetheart: a firm believer in true love despite life’s ups and downs. Driven and passionate, Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) has a promising future as an heir to the Montenegro Group of Companies (MonteComm). Despite their differences, Laida and Miggy become each other’s refuge, bringing out the best in each other. But just as their happily-ever-after is about to happen, they come face-to-face with the biggest challenge in their relationship. Miggy and Laida brave the complications of a long-distance relationship when Laida pursues her plans of leaving for Canada. Miggy finds comfort in Belle Laurel (Isabelle Daza) during his father’s funeral. Laida, too disappointed by Miggy’s infidelity, bitterly ends her relationship with him. To get over her failed relationship, Laida moves to New York, where she works as an editorial coordinator in MET magazine. Two years later, a more confident Laida comes back to the Philippines as Flippage’s new consultant. Her new position does not only bring her closer to Miggy, it also gives her the power to determine her ex-boyfriend’s fate in MonteComm. Miggy and Laida will have to work with each other to save the Montenegro Empire against its business rival, the Ortegas. Will Laida’s boost confidence bring Miggy back to her or will it just make him long for the Laida he used to love? Will Miggy’s presence charm Laida or will she keep antagonizing her own love story—will they ever get back together or are they fated to live apart forever?
It Takes A Man And A Woman
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