I Love You Goodbye
Lizelle Jimenez (Angelica Panganiban) is a simple woman from a poor family. She then meets a very wealthy, good-looking, and loving man in the person of Dr. Adrian Benitez (Gabby Concepcion). They become lovers and start living together as a happy couple. Lizelle couldn’t ask for more from Adrian. He rescues her from her broken past and gives her the well-off lifestyle. There is just one thing Lizelle is struggling with- fitting in Adrian’s world. Coming from humble beginnings, Lizelle finds it difficult to belong in Adrian’s high-class society. She also struggles to keep up with Adrian’s daughter Ysa (Kim Chiu), who dislikes her and sees as a gold digger. As Lizelle tries her best foot forward to adjust in Adrian’s world until she meets Gary Angeles (Derek Ramsay), a seductive photographer. With Gary, Lizelle finds the comfort and acceptance she’s been longing for. There are no pretenses when she is with Gary. They share a love so passionate that as their affair continues, Lizelle is caught in a tangle of secrets, truths and lies that she has to confront. It does not also help that Ysa is after the love and affection of Gary. Who will Liezel choose—the man who showers her with love and wealth or the man who lets her experience love and freedom?
I Love You Goodbye
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