Jimmy Pizaras’ (Cesar Montano) ultimate goal in life is to kill the drug lord Johnny Morales (Roi Vinzon) to avenge the death of his daughter Annie and cousin Congressman Santos. Jimmy devised several plans to execute his goal. But when his last plan failed, he then took his enemy’s daughter Mabel as a hostage. However, Jimmy learned that Mabel is just Johnny’s adoptive daughter, who was just used to project a better public image. Jimmy, still eager to pursue his vengeful goal, hid the child in a far-flung village. There, he met Gina (Kristine Hermosa). Later on, Jimmy’s heart began to soften for the child as he developed romantic feelings for Gina. Both Mabel and Gina taught him the value of forgiveness. As Jimmy wanted to come clean, he told Gina how Johnny mercilessly killed his loved ones especially his only daughter Annie. Gina told him to surrender. Will Jimmy finally get the peaceful life he has always wanted? Or, will he end up becoming like his nemesis-- heartless and vengeful?
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