Hataw Na
Robbie Mallorca (Gary Valenciano) and Anna Alvarado (Dayanara Torres) are teachers from an exclusive school headed by the ever conventional and non-conformist principal. The administrators of the school greatly disapprove their students wish to build a dance group as a form of self-expression. But Robbie and Anna are not one of them; they believe that the youth must be able to exercise and improve their talents. So without the knowledge of the principal, Robbie and Anna conduct an underground training for their students such as Nico Torres (Jao Mapa), Anton Velasco (Victor Neri), Liezl Hernandez (Roselle Nava), Agnes Pineda (Jolina Magdangal), Cathy Lopez (Lindsay Custodio) among others. These students have different issues in life, but are binded by their passion to dance and groove on the floor. As Robbie and Anna helps their students reach their dreams, they would also get the chance to develop their and partnership friendship into something romantic.
Hataw Na
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