Got 2 Believe
Got 2 Believe Lorenz (Rico Yan) is a young wedding photographer who does not believe in happy endings. One day, he gets an offer from his cousin for a chance to be an international photographer. But here's the catch, he needs to have an exclusive pictorial with Toni (Claudine Barretto), who constantly appears in weddings being covered by him. Toni, tagged as the perennial bridesmaid, is a 25-year-old wedding coordinator. She creates the perfect wedding for her clients. She is believed to remain single until the rest of her life if she would not meet her Mr. Right at her current age – a family curse. But Toni refused to take the photoshoot being offered by Lorenz upon learning that he is the photographer who took all her awkward and candid photos published at random wedding magazines. Nevertheless, Lorenz succeeds to make Toni accept his offer when he promised to set the latter on a date with his bachelor friend who is based abroad. Toni takes the bargain. However, as Mr. Right comes to sweep her off her feet, she finds herself wishing that it should be Lorenz. Lorenz, on the other hand, is gradually falling for Toni. Will there be magical ending for them?
Got 2 Believe
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