Gimik The Reunion
A year after college, seven friends Diane Villaruel (Judy Ann Santos), Ricky Salveron (Rico Yan), Ese Aragon (Jolina Magdangal), Joey Fajardo (Marvin Agustin), Gina de Leon (G Toengi), Garry Ballesteros (Deither Ocampo), Melani Suntay (Mylene Dizon), and Brian Lorenzo (Bojo Molina) get together to take a memory down the lane and attempt to relive the past filled with challenges, victories and problems. Things are not anymore as they seemed to be as each of them treads on different path to self-discovery and accomplishment. Gina and Gary are preparing for their wedding when they learn about Gina’s troublesome reproductive system. On the other hand, just when Melanie finally gave her yes to Brian, the latter met an accident and fell in coma. Ese and Joey learned to be sweeter with each other until Joey got his dream car. And lastly, Ricky, who has been long waiting for his Diane lacked the enough courage to confess when Diane came in. Will they succeed in regaining what time has taken away and keep their intact as close as before as they embark into post-collegiate tests?
Gimik The Reunion
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