Eskapo-The Geny-Lopez-Sergio Osme'a Story
“Eskapo” is the thrilling story of Geny Lopez (Christopher De Leon) is the son of Eugenio Lopez, Sr., ABS-CBN’s founder and Sergio Osmeña (Richard Gomez), son of the former President Sergio Osmeña, Jr, during the Martial Law. Because of their families’ strong influence in politics and economy, the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos considers them as one of the major hindrances to the full implementation of Martial Law. Marcos orders the captivation of Geny and Sergio’s fathers. However, since their fathers are abroad, Marcos orders the arrest of his opponents’ offspring instead. Geny and Sergio are charged failed assassination attempts against Marcos. Their sudden imprisonment makes the two strangers team up to survive the mental and physical torture they frequently receive. Their families try several ways to negotiate their release in a diplomatic way, but the administration does not listen to their pleas. Geny and Sergio remain imprisoned for five long years under the maximum-security prison. They initiate hunger strike yet in the end, their captors remained deaf and blind. In their desperate attempt to achieve freedom the two resort to plot their final card—To escape.
Eskapo-The Geny-Lopez-Sergio Osme'a Story
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