Ekstra is a drama-comedy film made by director Jeffrey Jeturian, which attempts to highlight the actors behind the limelight. The satirical film heightens the paradox by placing the star for all season Vilma Santos to take the role of a bit player. Loida Malabanan (Vilma Santos) is a single parent who provides for her daughter’s daily and educational needs. Her job as a TV show bit player gradually evolves from a crowd, to a character double, up to a character with speaking lines. She loves and appreciates her job that she makes it a point to give her best shot in every scene no matter how insignificant it may seem. Despite her age, she believes that through her determination, she will eventually get her own break in the acting scene. She energetically wakes up very early to prepare for an out-of-town shooting disregarding the thought of experiencing shameful treatments from the so-called ruling system reigning in the set. On that particular day, she gets to land good roles due to the delays and because some of her co-bit players get rejected from getting the roles she luckily lands to. Her positivity gets her co-bit players going to until that day her dream comes true and she gets the chance to make a small step out from her usual role. However everything has its toll. As she embarks into another challenge as an artist, she will also experience the excruciating degradation of the less appreciated talents like her.

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