Raffy and Andrew are orphaned as kids and have only each other to depend on. Wanting a better future, Raffy has spends nine years of his life working in Dubai. His ultimate goal is to fulfill a lifelong dream: to eventually move to Canada, with his younger brother, Andrew, where their mother worked. For the meantime, his job in a courier service company, keeps him in touch with and popular among Filipino overseas workers. Until he sends for Andrew to also work in Dubai. The Alvarez brothers are united. Andrew is mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the country, but more relieved to be finally with Raffy, his brother, provider and defender. But among themselves, bets are placed that Andrew will eventually be corrupted into having a string of relationships. As they say, everything in Dubai is temporary. Raffy thinks otherwise. He knows his brother to be a very straight and upright fellow. Until Andrew meets Faye, one of Raffy’s many girlfriends in Dubai. Faye and Andrew hit it off well in spite of their age difference. She becomes his guide, comfort and lover. Seeing the two however, Raffy realizes that he still and really loves Faye. Sacrificing his feelings for her feels more unbearable than all the sweat and tears he has to live through in order to fend for Andrew all these years. Faye gets pregnant... (If the government learns of this, she will be imprisoned in a hospital.) This discovery drives a wedge between the brothers, almost severing the ties that bind them, and threatening the achievement of their personal goals in Dubai. In the end, what they choose and achieve are not as planned. But their experiences in Dubai lead to new beginnings in their lives. Dubai is a touching, intimate story of is the story of two brothers, the woman who goes between them, and the sacrifices people make for their loved ones set in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai – a modern-day paradise in the middle of the scorching Arabian desert, a haven for Filipino overseas workers.
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