Devil's Fish
A house is haunted by the five people that died there recently.  Since then, no one has dared to go even close to it. Even neighbours are scared by the weird noises that can be heard emanating from it.  Believing there are many evil spectres, spirit medium Tongji (Jen Shuo Cheng) is invited to dispel them. Tongji successfully captures the spectre and seals the demon in the body of a fish
One summer, the kids are enjoying their school holiday.  Their mother (Vivian Hsu) prefers that they enjoy the outdoors and run around in nature instead of staying home watching television. 
One day, the kids decide to go fishing by the river. Unfortunately, they happen to catch the demonic fish. The wicked spectres are released again to carry out evil…
Devil's Fish
Full Production Crew
Jen Shuo Cheng
Jen Shuo Cheng
as Tongji
Vivian Hsu
Vivian Hsu
as Mother
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