Dekada 70
The Bartolome, a simple middle-class family gravely suffered during 1970’s the year when the newly elected President declared Martial Law. But before that era, the couple Julian Bartolome (Christopher de Leon) and Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos), assured to give all the freedom for their five all male children Jules (Piolo Pascual), Gani (Carlos Agassi), Eman (Marvin Agustin), Jason, (Danilo Barrios), and Bingo (John Wayne Sace). Amanda wanted to establish a career outside their house while Julian wants him to do the otherwise; they have to guide their children. Their eldest child Jules became engrossed in joining the anti-regime groups and later on joined NPA. Their second child Gani joined the United States Navy. Their third son Eman may not have joined Jules in the mountain yet they kept their communication and Eman regularly wrote illicit writings against the government. Bartolome’s fourth child Jason was killed by corrupt policemen; and Jason youngest among all of them remained innocent through all the chaos. This family does not open deal with the oppressive government but is also struggling to keep their family intact despite their distinct differences.
Dekada 70
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