Can We Still Be Friends

"Can We Still Be Friends?" is centered on Digs (Gerald Anderson) – a no fuss, no frills kind of guy – and idealistic achiever Sam (Arci Muñoz) who are friends turned lovers turned exes. Their relationship as a couple lasted for almost eight years until they both decided on an amicable breakup. 

As they face the dating world separately, the ex-couple consistently check on each other under the guise of “friendship.” This turns into a competition on who will find a new relationship first only to find out that one of them is still in love with the other.
Directed by Prime Cruz and with a screenplay written by Jen Chuaunsu, “Can We Still Be Friends?” is a love story that celebrates the indomitable millennial spirit as it attempts to ask the proverbial question: can exes really be friends?
"Can We Still Be Friends?" also assembles a remarkable millennial supporting cast led by Bryan Santos, Ria Atayde, Brian Sy, Gege Severo, Erika Padilla, Markki Stroem, and Emmanuelle Vera.
Can We Still Be Friends hits all theaters nationwide starting June 14.

Can We Still Be Friends
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Arci Munoz
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Gerald Anderson
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