Can This Be Love
Two people, so different from each other, fall in love without realizing that they are actually falling for what they hated... Ryan (Hero Angeles) and Daisy (Sandara Park) are just among the many students in the University Belt. Ryan juggles his time between studying nursing and working part-time as a typist of term papers. He has only one dream – that is to leave the country and work abroad to earn more money. Meanwhile, Daisy is a Korean exchange student who came here to the Philippines to study English. One day, Ryan encounters what he thinks is the worst term paper ever written. Entitled “What is Wrong With Filipinos?” the paper is full of grammatical errors which makes Ryan’s job extra difficult. So difficult that he swears he hates the Korean who wrote it. At that same day, he also comes across an ad selling a cellphone. He decides to contact the person selling the phone and eventually befriends with her through text messages. While his friendship with his new textmate blossoms, Ryan's aggravation for the term paper increases. Until he discovers that the girl he is talking to on the phone and the owner of the term paper is one and the same – a Korean girl! Ryan and Daisy develop an instant annoyance toward each other. The cultural differences and the language barrier add up to their frustration. But since they have also developed a friendship through their text messages before they met, both decide to give love a chance.
Can This Be Love
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