Bromance: My Brother's Romance
A very masculine guy named Brando (Zanjoe Marudo) hates Brandy, his gay twin brother so much that he chose to leave his family. He believes that Brandy’s the only person to blame for his misfortunes in life and by his sad lovelife. He learns to live alone and strive for his own success; yet he fails miserably and becomes indebted to a middle-aged woman named Delilah. Meanwhile, his twin brother is reaping all the success in life as an in demand interior designer. Through their mother’s request, the two separated brothers reunite however in a terrible way that caused Brandy to get hit by a car that consequently puts him into coma. Brando has no other choice but to take Brandy’s place to protect the latter’s three million peso commissions from a major business project and at the same time get away from his own debts. Brando’s transformation from a macho tough male figure to a fashionable eloquent gay becomes possible through Brandy’s trusted gay chums Beergin (Joey Paras) and Tequi (Lassy Marquez). Brando starts to appreciate his brother’s life and get to rediscover his love for their family when out of the blue, Erica (Cristine Reyes) Brandy’s best friend, and Brando’s ex-girlfriend enters the scene.
Bromance: My Brother's Romance
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