Best Friends Forever
Honey (Sharon Cuneta), is a conservative homemaker in a twenty-year marriage to Tim (John Estrada). Honey finds a pair of sexy lingerie in her husband’s possession, a confirmation that Tim has been seeing another woman. Not wanting to lose her family of four children, she does not confront her husband about it and instead decides to gather more facts. She enrolls in a gym to make herself physically appealing. There, she meets the liberal and fun-loving fitness instructor, Frances (AiAi delas Alas), who helps her with her problems both inside and outside the gym. Their contrasting personalities give them different perspectives on relationships and how to raise their kids. They become the best of friends. That is, until Honey learns that Frances is Tim’s other woman. Honey finds herself torn between saving her marriage and keeping a unique friendship. She tries to steer Frances away from Tim, but the clueless Frances does not allow this to happen. Unwittingly, Honey uses Frances’ habits and attitudes on Tim, and it strengthens their marriage. Their family gets happier while Frances begins to feel Tim distancing from her. When Frances learns that she is a mistress, she breaks up with Tim. Honey is once again caught between taking care of her heartbroken friend and keeping the mistress away from her family’s life. But what if Frances learns that Honey is Tim’s legal wife? Will this signal the end of their friendship?
Best Friends Forever
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