Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go Round!
After their two-year long distance relationship, Charlie (Toni Gonzaga) gets the surprise of her life with a visit from her US-based boyfriend Prince (Sam Milby), who proposes marriage. This prompts the excitement of Charlie’s mother, Sunshine (AiAi delas Alas), who also expects her own church wedding, a promise given to her by husband Dindo (Joseph Estrada) for their 25th wedding anniversary. Sunshine always dreams for her own church wedding because she and Dindo only tied the knot through a civil wedding because of some unfortunate events. But Dindo vehemently disapproves both weddings to take place, for he fears that his only daughter would be taken away from him. Charlie and the ever-supportive Sunshine help Prince win the acceptance of Dindo. Eventually, Prince successfully wins the approval of his soon to be father-in-law. However, getting Dindo’s approval is not the only issue this young, naïve couple has to face. The wedding preparations are not going smoothly, as fueled by the arrival of Prince’s nouveau riche mother, Marlene (Dionesia Pacquiao), who wants things done her way. Sunshine and Marlene are bound to argue on everything about the wedding preparation. As the wedding draws nearer and chaos ensues between the families, everything goes on a downhill spiral. With things out of her hands, will Sunshine ever be able to see her dream wedding come to life? Will Dindo be able to save his fellow jeepney drivers from being evicted? Will Charlie and Prince be able to work out their differences amidst all the chaos for their fairytale romance to have a happy ending?
Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go Round!
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