Ang Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat
The most famous mother is back for the sequel of the highest-grossing comedy movie in the Philippines! Ina Montecillo (Aiai delas Alas) feels frustrated and exhausted in her sudden pursuit of self-worth upon learning that her children are starting to run their own lives. Until she accidentally enters politics after becoming a whistleblower about the assassination of the then president Hillary Dafalong (Gloria Diaz); this leads her to winning in a snap election for presidency against the villain Vice-President Bill Bilyones (DJ Durano). Ina, armed with her 30 years of experience in motherhood transforms Philippine politics by running the country as a funny and caring mother thus removing all the seriousness and formality in the Palace. Because of her warm approach, she gains the trust and support of the Filipino people. But as she becomes the lovable president that everyone adores, she unconsciously transforms into a different person that her children hate. Ina is now facing the greatest challenge in her life and that is either to pursue her presidency for the nation or choose her one dozen children.
Ang Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat
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