Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo
Christine (Anne Curtis) frantically flies back in the Philippines to gather evidences that will convince his Australian father not to marry Georgia (AiAi delas Alas) her estranged mother, who she thinks has abandoned them. She takes with her Ninonu (Eugene Domingo), her nanny for 20 years. Georgia, clueless of her daughter’s dark plans prepares the whole town with all excitement. Meanwhile, Christine cannot believe that Georgia is a successful Patis manufacturer in her town and is well-loved by her neighbors. Christine continues her secret investigation which leads everyone in hilarious adventures especially when Ninonu falls in love with Junjun (John Lapus), Georgia’s gay houseboy and Val (Luis Manzano), Georgia’s adoptive son gets thorn between his growing attraction for Christine and his suspicion behind the latter’s intention of sudden homecoming. Christine always gets frustrated as she gets attached to Val, her mother’s town, and especially to her mother who she cannot find any negative attitude. Yet she insists to dig deeper and unearth Georgia’s undesirable side that will make her father back out from his plan. Eventually, Christine’s search for her mother’s faults leads her to a discovery of true love. In trying to uncover her mother’s hidden scandals, she manages to unlock her secrets to heartfelt motherhood and simple happiness.
Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo
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