Ang Bagong Buwan
Ahmad (Cesar Montano) is a Muslim doctor who works in Manila. Unlike his fellow Bangsamoro people, he pursues on living a simple and peaceful lifestyle. He leaves back home his wife Fatima (Fatima), his only son Ibrahim, and his mother, Farida (Caridad Sanchez). Ahmad goes back to his hometown when he learns that his son dies from a obtaining a fatally shot from a stray bullet when the vigilantes attack their village and unabashedly fired their guns. Despite his loss, Ahmad pursues from being an advocate of peace. His brother Musa (Nonie Buencamino) has an opposite stand. Musa strives to eliminate all the kateers (non-Muslims) who stand against Moro’s goal of independence. He even trains his young son, Rashid, for a Muslim warrior’s life. Ahmad tries to convince his family to live a peaceful and normal life in Manila but his wife declines the offer for she wants to stay where the memory of her son remains; his mother also refuses to leave their homeland. Meanwhile, Ahmad’s group travels by foot from one place to another in the hope of finding a safe place to live in. Ahmad, in his new role as the leader, discovers the pain and suffering that innocent people have gone and still go through just because they find themselves in the middle of a war… a war which they did not instigate nor even understand. Ahmad learns more about his own people. He learns about how the government takes them for granted. He learns about how the Moro, as a people, strive to fight for their rights and liberty. Ahmad also learns that in his vein still runs the blood of a Muslim and does the ultimate sacrifice.
Ang Bagong Buwan
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