For many years, Josie (Vilma Santos) worked in Hongkong as a domestic helper to provide for her family. She left back home her three children Carla (Claudine Barretto), Michael (Baron Geisler), and Daday (Sheila May Alvero) and her husband, who died shortly after she left. After quite some time, Josie returns home with hefty amount of savings to start a business for her children. However, they failed to reciprocate her warmth and yearning, especially her eldest Carla. In no time, Josie won the hearts of the two younger children. Carla, however, remained rebellious. That time, Josie’s business partnership with her fellow former OFW went wrong. Her savings were emptied and Carla was totally out of control. Josie then confronted her daughter telling her how much she has suffered abroad for she missed to play her role as an attentive mother to her own children. Will Carla finally realize her mother’s point and change, or will she keep on destroying her own life?
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