All My Life
Sam (Aga Muhlach) and Louie (Kristine Hermosa) meet onboard the Star Cruise. Despite being strangers and complete opposites, with Sam being carefree while Louie being obsessive-compulsive, they become friends. Even as Louie plans her day while Sam lets his feet take him wherever, they always end up crossing each other’s paths. More than having someone to share the sights and activities with, Louie finds in Sam, someone to experience the world with in a different light and ultimately someone to change her life for the better. Auspiciously, Sam is more than willing to help the beautiful and neurotically eccentric Louie. For once in Louie’s rigid life, she has lived for the moment. And Sam does not want to believe he could finally have fallen in love for real. Back in Manila, Sam and Louie go back to their real, ordinary lives. And the fears and consequences from their respective pasts settle in. Louie struggles to live a changed life. But her new disposition comes in conflict with her anxious mother and a persistent ex-fiancé. It does not help either that she could not find Sam however hard she looks for him. On the other hand, Sam is in confusion knowing that a relationship with Louie is not possible given his ailment. And then they meet again. They give their love a chance. Sam suddenly finds a renewed will to live. He begins to appreciate life’s blessings with Louie beside him. The love Sam and Louie share is too great for them to be broken apart. It seems that their lives had been purposefully made to intertwine. They spend their lives with each other as they live with a new love for life.
All My Life
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