A Very Special Love
Laida (Sarah Geronimo) has a huge crush on Miguel Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) since college. As soon as she graduates, she immediately applies as an Editorial Assistant at Miguel’s newly established men’s magazine Bachelor with the hopes of getting close with her long-time crush. Laida gets the job and learns that Miggy is an ill-tempered boss who cares for nothing but to get his magazine at the top disregarding the feelings of his people. Laida, however keeps her faith that someday Miggy will learn to be more laidback. Meanwhile everyone else around them is scared of her Prince Charming. Turns out that Miggy is rooting for something deeper; he yearns for his older siblings favor. Most of all, he yearns for his father’s attention. He desperately strives to get his clan’s approval. Laida offers everything she could to help Miggy at the expense of sacrificing quality time with her tightly-knit family. Will Laida and Miggy ever figure out the right combination to solve their problems in business and personal lives? Or will their mismatching personalities, despite their common interests and goal keep them from ever figuring out their perfect pair?
A Very Special Love
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