A Love Story
Ian Montes (Aga Muhlach) is a picture of success. Despite being a son of a shipping tycoon, Ian refuses to just ride in his father’s empire. He builds his own real estate company and earns his first million at a very young age. Dreaming of becoming a better man than his father, who abandons him at the age of 17, Ian tries to manage his life alone. But deep inside, he longs for nothing but unconditional love until he meets two women, Joanna (Maricel Soriano) and Karyn (Angelica Panganiban). Joanna Villanueva learns to cope with her failed marriage with an errant ex-husband when she rescues Ian from a waterskiing accident in La Union. As a doctor, she helps Ian to recover physically until she finds herself giving more. On the other hand, Ian meets Karyn Torres, a 24 year old flight stewardess. They meet in Macau business trip. Karyn is a vibrant woman overflowing with contagious youthfulness. Ian’s world turns upside down with Karyn’s spontaneity, which he finds too irresistible. But he can only have one woman to love at a time. In the end, Ian, Joanna and Karyn intertwine though in the most painful ways; their tangled love affair will help them learn the lessons of love and letting go.
A Love Story
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