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K-Pop group Lapillus reveals reason for choosing PH for first international tour

Filipino-Argentinian member Chanty told the members that the Philippines, her home country, is a “warm, energetic” country!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/9/2022 in News
K-Pop group Lapillus reveals reason for choosing PH for first international tour

Out of all the countries K-pop girl group Lapillus could have chosen to stage their first overseas tour, they chose the Philippines and here’s why!  

During the “HIT YA! Pilipinas, The Lapillus Manila tour” press conference last September 5, Lapillus members Chanty, Bessie, Seowon, Haeun, Shana, and Yue were all smiles as they shared how excited they were to be in the Philippines to promote their debut single “HIT YA!”. 

With the help of a translator, group leader Shana said that they factored in two things for choosing to meet their Filipino fans in person. 

The first reason they chose the Philippines is that they really noticed that they have a lot of Filipino fans supporting Lapillus,” the translator said. 

“The second one is because of Chanty. The girls have asked Chanty a lot in the dorm about the Philippines and she talked to them saying it’s a really warm country. It’s a very energetic country too. You can really receive a lot of love from the fans so it’s a really great place,” he added. 

According to Haeun, who is the “maknae” or youngest member of the group, they want to meet their fans in the USA and Japan as well. 

“They are already here in the Philippines because of Chanty so they like to be in Yue’s country, in the USA, or in Shana’s country, in Japan, so they can also share a lot of time together,” the translator shared. 

Since their arrival in the Philippines, the members under MLD Entertainment’s newest girl group have tried (and loved!) Filipino food, such as champorado, garlic rice, and ube. 

“She [Shana] had champorado since she arrived and she found it very delicious. Chanty also told her, ‘You should have garlic rice for breakfast.’ And she did, and it was very, very good,” host Sam Oh translated Shana’s answer. 

Chinese-American member Yue added, “For me, Chanty introduced me to ube and also I heard it from our fans too about ube because of my hair color before. I finally tried it and it was so good. I really liked it.” 

After the Lapillus members shared their discoveries that are particularly Filipino, Filipino-Argentinian member Chanty was asked if she, on the other hand, have already become fluent in Korean during her training days. 

“Well, I’m still learning po, although I’m proud to say I improved quite a lot in a span of eight months. But there’s still a long way to go for me,” she answered. 

Lapillus is set to hold their official fan meetings at Market! Market! in Taguig and Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces in Quezon City on September 10 and 11, respectively.  

Their new single album, “Gratata”, will be released on September 22. 

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