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Chanty of Lapillus on staging first international tour in PH: ‘The Filipino people are so warm’

Lapillus members Chanty, Bessie, Seowon, Haeun, Shana, and Yue couldn't be happier to promote their group for the first time in the Philippines!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/8/2022 in News
Chanty of Lapillus on staging first international tour in PH: ‘The Filipino people are so warm’

Lapillus, a six-member K-Pop girl group under MLD Entertainment, staged their first international tour in the Philippines and Filipino-Argentinian member Chanty had the best words to describe their experience thus far! 

During the “HIT YA! Pilipinas, The Lapillus Manila tour” press conference last September 5, Lapillus members Chanty, Bessie, Seowon, Haeun, Shana, and Yue expressed their gratitude for Filipino fans and shared their overall excitement in promoting their group for the first time overseas. 

Chanty exclaimed, “For me, I’m really, really happy and glad and humbled and grateful and blessed. I have so many words to describe how I feel right now but I’m just really, really happy that I get to promote ‘HIT YA!’ here in the Philippines, my home country. It’s really an honor. And I’m really happy and grateful because the Filipino people are so warm and accepting of our group and so supportive.” 

With the help of a translator, Bessie also spoke in Korean about the times the girls would dream of touring here in the Philippines. 

“When they were in the dorm, Chanty also talked about the Philippines to the girls. And the girls were very excited to come to the Philippines, of course. In their first showcase, Chanty also said that it would be a big pleasure in the Philippines promoting and doing events about Lapillus. That’s a reason why Bessie is excited to be here because that’s a dream come true for the girls and they’re really happy to be here promoting,” their translator explained. 

They also shared that prior to releasing their debut single ‘HIT YA!’ on June 20 of this year, they underwent training periods which varied in length among members. 

“We all trained at different time periods. Some of us trained really long. Some of us trained really short,” Chanty explained. 

She continued, “The shortest is Bessie with six months. I’m eight months. And then Yue is almost two years. Haeun is a year and a half. Seowon and Shana trained for two years which is the longest out of the members.” 

Chanty also described what they usually do on their training days: “A typical training day for our group, actually depending on our schedules, because some of the girls go to school so they come pretty late in the afternoon.” 

“For me, I start training at 11 A.M. for Korean class, and then lunch, then Health class. Then the rest is just personal practice. You practice your singing, your dancing. And at night, we have dance class,” she shared. 

When asked what they enjoy the most about performing as a group, Seowon, Bessie, and Chanty offered their personal favorites. 

“She [Seowon] thinks her facial expression is really important because with those expressions she can also match with her clothes and the music too,” the translator explained. 

He later translated Bessie’s answer: “‘HIT YA!’ is important for the girls, but they also think that ‘HIT YA!’ is important for the audience because [Lapillus] also wants to show while they perform if the audience also understands the meaning of ‘HIT YA!’. And they also want to think that the audience is also having fun with this song.” 

“For me, one of the things I like about our group is that all of us are really different in a way,” Chanty pointed out. “We have our own colors, obviously. We have our different ways to express ourselves while performing and I feel like that’s what makes our performance more interesting to watch and to see and to listen to.” 

Lapillus is set to meet their fans in official events at Market! Market! in Taguig and Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces in Quezon City on September 10 and 11, respectively.  

Their new single album, “Gratata”, will be released this coming September 22. 

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