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3 of the best life lessons we learned from 'In My Life'

Vilma, Luis, and John Lloyd teach us about unconditional love in this 2009 family drama

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/8/2022 in News
3 of the best life lessons we learned from 'In My Life'

The 2009 family drama "In My Life" didn't only give us the power trio of Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano, and John Lloyd Cruz, it also gave us some of the most powerful life lessons that made us realize how life could be so short. 

Below, we rounded up three of the best lessons we picked up from the Olivia M. Lamasan masterpiece that will also make you ponder about life: 

1. Change, whether good or bad, will always teach you something. 

Change can be really scary especially if you've long been stuck in your comfort zone, just as we have seen in Shirley (Vilma) as she moved to New York City to start a new life. Turns out, this big leap taught her the biggest life lessons, some of which she never would have learned if she didn't push through with her decision. 

2. Love comes in different forms. 

Whether it's puppy love or a same-sex relationship, love comes in different forms and that's what makes it beautiful. Upon seeing how pure and precious what Mark (Luis) and Noel (John Lloyd) have, Sandy eventually learned to accept their relationship, albeit it might have happened a little too late. 

3. Make time for your loved ones. 

Don't wait until it's too late for you to make time for your loved ones. Whether it's your family or significant other, spending time with the people who matter will not only strengthen your connection, it can also feed your soul and make you feel recharged. Plus, the joy that the gift of time brings to your loved ones is priceless! 

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