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FULL MOVIE: ‘You’re Still The One’ delves into the right love at the wrong time

Will Ellise (Maja Salvador) and Jojo (Dennis Trillo) ever find the perfect timing to choose each other?

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/7/2022 in Videos

If you were given a chance to make it right with the one that got away, would you take it? 

In this 2015 romantic-drama directed by Chris Martinez, sparks fly between Ellise (Maja Salvador) and Jojo (Dennis Trillo) during their college days. Despite Jojo’s relentless pursuit of her, Ellise makes up her mind to not get into a relationship at the time. Nonetheless, they end up forming a close friendship and suppressing their feelings. 

After years of no contact, Ellise and Jojo cross paths once again and discover that their flame has not fizzled out. This time, Ellise is ready to be Jojo’s girlfriend. The bad news is, Jojo is already engaged to be married to Racquel (Ellen Adarna). Even as they settle on just being friends, their love for each other is still as palpable as ever. 

Ellise tries to move on with Vincent (Richard Yap) who is willing to give her the love and stability she wants. But will her feelings for Jojo get in the way? You can now watch “You’re Still The One” for FREE on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel! 

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