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4 hard-hitting life lessons we learned from 'Love at First Stream'

Likes and views NEVER indicate your value as a person. EVER.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/7/2022 in News
4 hard-hitting life lessons we learned from 'Love at First Stream'

If there's anything we learned after watching the 2021 romantic-comedy “Love At First Stream”, it's how the world of social media is such a tricky place. 

The Cathy Garcia-Molina film, which revolves around the lives of the Stream Team — Vilma (Daniela Stranner), Megumi (Kaori Oinuma), Tupe (Anthony Jennings), and Gino (Jeremiah Lisbo) — taught us more than just love and chasing dreams; it also made us ponder a thing or two about our own lives online and off. 

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Below, we rounded up some of the most hard-hitting lessons we learned from the movie that made us reevaluate our thinking: 

1. Likes and views do not indicate your value. 

In an age where posts have seemingly become a popularity contest depending on the likes and views they have, it's important to remember that it never dictates your value as a person in real life. Sure, it's nice to know others "like" and appreciate your content, but it's never a measurement of your success nor your worth — something V learned the hard way. 

2. Everyone is going through something. Always choose to be kind. 

Even if you feel like you're already carrying the world on your shoulders, it's never an excuse to treat others badly. You never know what other people are going through behind their smiles and strong facade. Plus, it costs zero bucks to be a kind person! 

3. Most people curate their lives online. Do not compare yourself to them. 

Most of the time, the things we see from other people are already edited and filtered out. If you're like V who can get obsessed with the idea of putting a perfect life online, it's easy to compare what you "only have" to what others have — and it's never healthy. You do you and focus on the things that really matter! 

4. Remember why you started and who has been with you throughout the journey. 

It's easy to get caught up in the whole process when you're already seeing the fruits of your labor. In the end, V may have won the challenge she poured her heart onto, but is it really worth losing the people who supported her in the process? No matter what area in life it is, remember that you wouldn't be where you are if not for the people who believe in you. 

More lessons about life, love, and friendship await you in "Love at First Stream" — now streaming on Netflix 

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