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5 things to love about the Stream Team in ‘Love At First Stream’!

Lessons on love, friendship, and family abound in this rom-com by Cathy Garcia-Molina!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/6/2022 in News
5 things to love about the Stream Team in ‘Love At First Stream’!

There’s plenty of reasons to love The Stream Team barkada and their adventures in life, love, and friendship in the 2021 romantic-comedy “Love At First Stream”! 

Every barkada has its quirks — from the one unique thing that bonds them (say, building a strong social media presence!) to the fun in seeing different personalities clash (reserved cutie meets confident popular kid, anyone?). What makes a barkada truly lovable is how they stand by each other through life’s peaks and valleys, especially despite their differences. 

Helmed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, “Love At First Stream” introduced us to the fun dynamic and life experiences of The Stream Team made up of Vilma (Daniela Stranner), the unstoppable dreamer, Megumi (Kaori Oinum), the sweet girl-next-door, Tupe (Anthony Jennings), the loyal lover boy, and Gino (Jeremiah Lisbo) the bad boy heartthrob. 

Scroll through below to see what we love most about The Stream Team and why we’re always up to rewatch how they take on life and its lessons: 

1. Vilma’s unapologetic confidence and determination when it comes to reaching her goals 

V is always full of energy and optimism despite setbacks and family issues, and that’s only one of the many reasons why we love her! Her passion matched with her natural charm and bank of endless ideas make her the influencer that’s on top of our list! 

2. Tupe and Gino’s torpe yet caring ways to show support to their crushes 

It’s clear as day that Tupe and Gino have respective crushes on Vilma and Megumi. And even while we may feel the need to scream “Just tell her how you feel!” to the screen when we watch them keep their feelings hidden, we also can’t help but admire how they still find ways to root for the girls! 

3. Gino and Megumi’s adorable cat-and-dog dynamic 

Even though Gino and Megumi’s initial interactions are mostly through online video meetings and on Kumu livestream, their chemistry is still very much palpable. Just you wait until Gino finally tells Megumi he’s the person behind her virtual friend CatBoy! 

4. Vilma and Gino’s relatable relationships with their mothers 

Vilma’s mom may be overwhelmingly strict and not fully supportive of her dreams but it gives us a realistic portrayal of some parents who may just be wanting the best for their kids. Gino’s moms, on the other hand, give a refreshing take on being the ever-so-supportive guardians of their son. 

5. Vilma and Megumi’s imperfect friendship that’s full of love 

One of the more poignant parts of the film is when Vilma took the time to apologize and finally thank Megumi for everything she’s done for her. Vilma and Megumi are fine examples of how we tend to take our support systems for granted especially when life pulls us in a million different directions. So while our friends are still around, let’s take a page from Vilma’s book and reach out to the people who believe in us the most. 

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