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7 of Piolo Pascual’s most iconic roles on the big screen!

“Starting Over Again”, “The Breakup Playlist”, + more romantic-dramas that got us hooked on Piolo

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

9/6/2022 in News
7 of Piolo Pascual’s most iconic roles on the big screen!

Piolo Pascual is not called “Ultimate Heartthrob” for nothing. Every romance film Piolo has starred in lives rent-free in our heads, even just for the simple fact that he’s made our hearts race with every sweet encounter and emotional exchange he’s had with his leading ladies! 

Here, we’ve compiled some of Piolo’s movie roles that are most worthy of applause if only to let his magnetic gaze seep through the cracks in our marupok hearts or wonder what it’s like to be the recipient of his character’s affection. And if you ask us, both are more than good reasons to look back on Piolo’s impressive filmography: 

Lino in “Milan” (2004) 

In the city of Milan, Piolo embodies the naivety and innocence of a newly relocated professional overseas. As his character finds comfort, and eventually love, in the company of Jenny (Claudine Barretto), he has to come to terms with hard truths about his past, his present, and his future. 

Lance in “Paano Kita Iibigin” (2007) 

In this romantic-drama featuring opposite characters attracting one another, Piolo makes the most of his nuanced role as Lance who is dealing with personal demons from his past. At a time when Lance develops romance with single mother Martee (Regine Velasquez), he finds himself reverting to his old ways and possibly losing her. 

Migo in “Love Me Again” (2009) 

The struggles of long-distance relationships are heartbreaking at its core. So when Piolo played Migo, a Bukidnon native who reunites with his hometown sweetheart and former flame Arah (Angel Locsin) in Australia years after they parted ways, things get inevitably complicated. 

Pipoy in “24/7 In Love” (2012) 

In this romance anthology, Piolo stole the spotlight and proved that he can master any role even without a leading lady. Playing a 35-year-old mentally-challenged man named Pipoy, Piolo channeled adorable wingman vibes to Jomar (Zaijan Jaranilla), an orphan who is trying to pursue Ayie (Xyriel Manabat). 

Marco in “Starting Over Again” (2014) 

When Marco (Piolo) “demanded an explanation” from his ex-girlfriend Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) for blindsiding him and calling it quits out of the blue, we all felt that. And when Marco subsequently found love in Patty (Iza Calzado), he gave us every reason to root for his happiness. Either way, Piolo just made us fall in love with Marco! 

Gino in “The Breakup Playlist” (2015) 

It’s not the easiest thing to make a character both despicable and sympathizable, but Piolo did exactly that with his portrayal of Gino, a professional musician who let his own insecurities get in the way of being a supportive partner to his girlfriend and fellow band member Trixie (Sarah Geronimo). 

JC in “Love Me Tomorrow” (2016) 

Just like his character JC in this romantic-drama, Piolo proved that forming chemistry transcends age, status, and common interests. All it takes is a genuine intention that would potentially blossom into something more, as seen in his love triangle with fashion designer Cristy (Dawn Zulueta) and socialite-model Janine (Coleen Garcia). 

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