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8 of the best 'He's Into Her Extras' episodes we love!

Yup, we still have DonBelle's lie detector challenge on loop just like you!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/6/2022 in News
8 of the best 'He's Into Her Extras' episodes we love!

When we were so hungover from the finale of the first season of "He's Into Her", the "HIH Extras" episodes came to the rescue and gave us an extended dose of kilig that we so badly needed! 

From heart-to-heart talks to fun games and challenges, "HIH Extras" captured the off-screen chemistry of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano when they were off duty as Deib and Max, as well as the rapport of the whole "HIH" Bearkada that made us love them even more.  

If you’re just like us who love watching these videos from time to time, we rounded up eight of the best episodes that we truly enjoyed from both seasons: 

DonBelle's Couch Talk 

The episode that started it all, Donny and Belle's heartfelt conversation during their Couch Talk not only showed us an unfiltered side of them, but also how beautiful their minds are when it comes to their perspectives in life, love, and aspirations in general. 

'HIH' Cast Guess The Star Cinema Movie 

We found out how huge Star Cinema movie fans the cast are based on the game, but it's the Q&A in between about their dream projects, the roles they want to play, and more that made the video all the more special! 

Season 1 Recap Dugtungan Challenge 

While we thought that the cast had memorized the series by heart, we couldn't be more wrong! In the video, the cast struggled in recalling the series through the Dugtungan Challenge, that even their team work couldn't help them finish it! Still, it was the little things they remembered that show how they value each and every part of the show. 

DonBelle's Lie Detector Challenge 

We ain't lying when we say that we watched their Lie Detector game more than 10x. Oh what a kilig overdose! Their stares and body language showed how closer they have become even when off cam. 

"HIH" Cast's First Table Read 

We had the chance to see the cast reading their lines for the first time together in their table read video, giving us the raw feels of hearing their dialogues before they even got to play it on screen. Truly an amazing experience! 

Newspaper Dance 

We already knew what to expect from a newspaper dance, but we were still caught off guard when we watched the cast play it! Too much closeness from the pairs that our hearts are bursting from kilig! 

Limbo Game 

Yet another fun game the cast played, the classic Limbo showed a different side of them especially on how flexible and competitive they got just to ace it until the end! 

Guess Who Challenge 

After two whole seasons, we witnessed how close the cast has truly gotten when they dished out trivia and secrets during the "Guess Who" challenge. From learning who among them always has soy sauce in her bag to the one cast member who gave a fan to his fan, we just love getting to know more of the Bearkada fam! 

Watch more "HIH Extras" episodes on iWantTFC and Star Cinema's YouTube channels! 

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